This colorful abstract collage series “Creating a New Reality” is about using the  power of thought, visualization and mindset to heal and shape our lives.  The vibrant colors represent the vitality and capability of the spirit of humankind.  The lines and shapes represent the energy, thoughts and ideas coming together to form what has been envisioned.

“Collage art is the combination of pieces of diverse materials and media, such as newspaper, magazines, package labels, fabric, paint and photographs, into one composition. The term itself derives from the French “coller,” meaning “glue.” It was coined by both Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso at the beginning of the 20th century, when collage became a distinct part of modern art.

Collage promises to be an important creative outlet for many years to come because it allows artists to explore and experiment with creating truly new, exciting and often unexpected results.”  Grace Smith