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My Journey to Become a Visual Artist and Why Imargaret hyde painting Chose Abstract Art

Becoming an abstract artist involved a lot of persistence for me. When I was in high school there were no art courses available, so in college I couldn’t compete with the accomplished young artists there who already had portfolios. Instead, I got a degree in Interior Design and practiced that for years. But while working, I was often taking college art courses, one or two at a time, for my goal towards an art degree. Sometimes I would get too busy with work and have to drop the courses. Being an artist was a longtime goal that was waylaid more than once but because it was important to me I persevered and eventually got my degree.

Even though I had many drawing/figure-drawing type courses in college, I always knew I wanted to be an abstract artist.  I have a passion for that style and was lucky enough to be taught painting in the San Francisco Abstract Expressionist style.  I really enjoy the freedom that abstract painting allows me when creating and conveying concepts that inspire me.

While I was taking art courses i was also educating myself by reading books, etc. on philosophy and spirituality.  These subjects also fascinated me and have come to be an influence on my work.

We are creating a new world every day for ourselves.  We each contribute to a new world whether it be good or bad.  If we dwell on negativity on a daily basis, our world will be filled with that type of negativity, and that is the world we will experience.  The opposite is also true.  As an artist and an individual, I would like my contribution to be one of positive inspiration.  So here’s my two cents.  If we remember to move out of our stress and strife and put focus on positive things we can create a better reality for ourselves and others too.  

Keep on growing and winning!