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Abstract Art

Positive Inspiration

We are all capable of great creation, whether positive or negative.  With my abstract art, I attempt to inspire people in a positive way because I believe that we can bring about wonderful things in our lives when we have a high vibration.  In this way we can also help change our corner of the world for the better.

 My Style

I have a passion for painting in the abstract style because it allows me to express ideas freely and purposefully.  My work often has organic or flowing backgrounds with details that sometimes present a more graphic quality.  Most of my art is colorful, playful and usually has a philosophical message.  All the elements I work with combine for a current, contemporary style which is a reflection of my inner and outer experience in life.

In this wonderful, sometimes turbulent, ever-changing world we call home, the message of my work is an invitation to remember the better things in life that can be achieved and shared.